BBQ Chicken Soup

by Laura Thompson

serves 6-8


4-5 chicken thighs or breasts, thawed, plus about 2 tablespoons of BBQ seasoning mix (mine is Kroger brand)

1 can dark or light red kidney beans, undrained

1 can pinto beans, undrained

1 can diced tomatoes, undrained

1 empty bean can of water (about a cup and a half)

1 packet mild or regular chili seasoning mix

1 tsp liquid smoke

1/3 cup BBQ sauce, any flavor

2 tablespoons Worcestershire

2 tablespoons brown sugar

1/8 tsp garlic powder

1/8 tsp onion powder

1/8 tsp cumin

1/8 tsp black pepper


In slow cooker, combine undrained beans, tomatoes, can of water, chili seasoning packet, liquid smoke, BBQ sauce, Worcestershire, brown sugar, and garlic, onion, cumin and black pepper. Stir together. Place slow cooker on HIGH to start heating the liquid.

In skillet on stovetop (I should say here that I place a bit of oil in the bottom of my pan since it’s not non-stick), place chicken thighs in and sprinkle with half the BBQ seasoning. Cook about 5 minutes on medium heat, until that side is no longer pink. Turn over, sprinkle the other side of the chicken with the rest of the BBQ seasoning, and cook on that side about 5 minutes till no longer pink. Chicken should be mostly done, but it’s ok if it still has a few pink places.

Remove chicken from skillet, and carefully slice into strips or chunks, however you’d like to do it, and add it to the mixture in the crock pot.

Cover and cook on high heat for about an hour, to get things all nice and hot, and then reduce heat to low and continue cooking 4-6 hours.


The above is more of a soup thank anything else. I wanted a more hearty chili type dish last night when I created this thing, so about 40 minutes before I served it, I made some white rice on the stovetop according to the package directions, and then stirred it in to my soup to thicken and give it a heartier consistency.

serve with cheese, sour cream, bacon bits, etc.




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