White Chili

contributed by Shanna Doyle Eiss

3 to 4 chicken breast cubed

2 cans great northern white beans

2 can chick broth

…1 can chopped green chili



ground coriander

1/2 and onion chopped

s and p

lime zest and juice

shredded cheese and kind (mon jack is awesome)

sour cream

in a pot drizzle olive oil and brown chick till nice a crispy add onion, grate lime zest over and squeeze half the lime juice on top (cut other half into wedges and save as a garnish) add cumin and coriander and s and p.. simmer till onions are transparent add green chili… simmer a little more.

next add beans and broth. bring to a boil. turn down to a simmer and chopped cilantro…

serve and garnish w sour cream, lime, cheese and tortilla chips (if you want)

soooo yummy!!!!

also i’ve used one can white beans and one can black bean (the black you have to drain though) also very yummy!

hope you like it! it’s one of our fav’s!


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