Gluten Free Egg Drop Soup

contributed by Laura KWT, recipe by my cousin, Melissa Phillips-Clugston

Melissa mentioned on her status that she was making a GF soup, so I asked for the recipe, thinking of my friend Jan who needs to eat gluten free or suffer awful consequences. So here it is, Jan!

Egg Drop Soup


4 cups GF chicken broth

3 eggs (lightly beaten)

1 tlbs Quinoa Flour

3 chopped green onions

1 carrot ( grated then chopped) I would have used mushrooms but I didn’t have any.

1/2-1tsp grated fresh ginger

1-2tsp Braggs liquid aminos or GF soy sauce

pepper to taste

In pot bring broth (set aside about 1/4 cup for flour), onions, carrots, ginger, and braggs to boil. In a small bowl mix broth and flour until smooth. lower heat on soup and stir in flour mixture. bring to slight simmer and Slowly stir inlightly beaten eggs. That should be it. You can add more pepper or braggs if you need to for taste. I even added a little bit of seseme oil because i felt like it was missing something. Hope she likes it. Super easy and yummy for a cold day. =)


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